Why You Should Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Putting your home on the market is exciting, as all the work that went into making your house a beautiful place will pay off. However, if you rush through the preparation process, a sale could fall through from surprises during the inspection. One of the best ways to have a seamless sale is by scheduling a professional pre-listing inspection. Below are the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection.

You are in Control of Repairs

After a buyer hires a home inspector, they will come up with a list of issues from the inspection report that they would like addressed before the sale goes through. If you agree to the repairs, the buyer may request specific contractors to complete them that are more expensive than others.

A pre-listing inspection will provide you with more control over the repair process. You will choose the contractors as well as the timeframe in which the repairs are completed.

Price Your Home More Effectively

Homes priced higher than the home is worth will sit on the market for longer before they are sold. Conversely, you will lose money if your home is priced well below the market average.

A pre-listing inspection will help you better gauge your house’s value, allowing you to price it adequately. This will also help speed up negotiations by reducing the chance surprising defects will be found during the buyer’s inspection.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Sets Your House Apart

Ordering an inspection shows that you care about the condition of the house and that repairs have been made or known issues have been disclosed. If the buyer elects to trust your inspection, negotiations can be made easy or completely eliminated.

Sellers need to do whatever they can to stand out from comparable homes on the market. When you order a pre-listing inspection, it will make your house more competitive and can give you an edge over other houses. Increasing buyer trust will pay off even in a seller’s market. This will give you an advantage over other sellers who elected not to get one.

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